Healthy Red Wine: Does it Exist?

Fifteen years ago, the “French Paradox,” a term referrring to the fact that French people (despite being notorious for their love of fatty foods and cheeses) have a very low rate of heart problems, started getting tossed around by doctors and health nuts alike. “How could this be?” everyone wondered. The answer is pretty simple: it’s the wine! Good old healthy red wine!

In the US (and other countries, of course), we take everything to the extreme, including alcohol. So it’s no surprise that liver disease and alcoholism are what springs to mind when we think about having some alcohol each and every day. Despite this, numerous studies have found that drinking a little healthy red wine daily is good for you. it’s the antioxidant in red wine resveratrol that is the key here. Studies have shown that resveratrol kills cancerous cells, lessens the shock of aging on the human body, and helps prevent strokes by cleaning out arteries. Antioxidants such as resveratrol form the building blocks of human cells, especially those in people’s immune systems.

Older folks that drink a little healthy red wine daily usually have healthier blood vessels, as well as a lesser likelihood of coronary heart disease and ulcers. On top of this, resveratrol also builds stronger bones lowers stroke risk for women and helps decrease ovarian cancer. Men that have a little healthy red wine every day have their heart attack chances lowered significantly if they are at risk because of high blood pressure.

Red wine is good for you, but only in moderation. As with everything out there, you can have too much. You can’t binge drink your wine on holidays, nights, or weekends expect it to help. Too much wine (or any alcohol) causes more harm than healing.

Everybody knows that you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol, but not enough folks know that red wine drank in moderation is good for your health. One to three glasses of wine every day with dinner, for example, is optimal. Look at TV and radio commercials, you may see the ads of companies selling resveratrol in pill form, which only backs up the healthy red wine argument even more! If you’re not into wine for some reason, try a supplement and you will get the same affects. If you do go with a resveratrol supplement, make sure that there is a lot of resveratrol in each pill so that you get the full effect – and your money’s worth!

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