Health Benefits of Red Wine: Get the Facts Now

The “French Paradox” was discovered in the 90s and turned the health care world on its ear. This term centered around the observation that the French, who everybody knows eat a lot of cheese and fatty foods, had a very low instance of heart issues. How could this be? The secret was hidden in the red wine that every French person drinks daily starting with childhood. It may seem a bit mind-boggling, but the health benefits of red wine do exist!

For most of us, liver disease and alcoholism is what pops into our head when we think about people that drink alcohol on a daily basis. But this is just a misconception brought on by excessive drinkers. Drinking a little bit of red wine with your meals is not the same as guzzling down beer or hard liquor in pursuit of drunken delirium. On the contrary, the health benefits of red wine are many!

Look it up; dozens of studies have shown that having a little red wine with meals every day is good for you because of resveratrol, an antioxidant naturally found in red wine. Resveratrol not only destroys cancerous cells, but it also helps reduce the impact of time and age and also helps prevent strokes. Resveratrol, and other antioxidants, are essentially the building blocks of your cells, particularly your immune system’s cells – the cells that keep you healthy.

Resveratrol, within certain groups, has additional effects. Elderly people, for one, have healthier blood vessels if they drink a bit of red wine daily, along with a reduced incidence of ulcers and coronary heart disease. Another group: women! The female half of the population can expect stronger bones and a decreased risk of ovarian cancer and stroke if they have a little red wine every day. The male half, on the other hand, often have their heart attack chances reduced significantly if they are at risk because of high blood pressure issues. The health benefits of red wine are simply stunning!

The health benefits of red wine, however, can only be gottne when you consume it in moderation. JYou can have too much, so no bingeing! Bingeing on holidays, nights and weekends cam make you ill and even kill you in the long run.

After thousands of years of rich tradition of drinking wine and alcohol, we know that it’s not good for you to drink a lot of alcohol. Now however, we finally know about the health benefits of red wine when consumed in moderation. Moderation in this case means 1-3 glasses of wine every day with meals. Even entrepreneurs are getting in on the wine/resveratrol action, offering resveratrol capsules in radio and television ads. Don’t scoff at this, folks! It only further educates people about the fact that a bit of red wine every day is good for you! Supplements suchas this are great for those that can’t have some red wine but still want to get their resveratrol. If you get yourself a resveratrol supplement, make sure the kind you are considering has at least 100 mg of resveratrol in each and every capsule. Otherwise, it’s just money down the drin. 100 mg ensures that you are getting all the resveratrol your body needs

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