Hanging Wine Glass Rack: Consider Your Choices Carefully

A hanging wine glass rack is a wine glass holder that is suspended from something (usually a ceiling or cabinet) to support wine glasses. Usually, a hanging wine glass rack is attached to the ceiling or cabinet via chains. They can, however, also be flush-mounted. The wine glasses are slid into supporting bars, offering an attractive way to showcase your wine glass collection and an easy way to store a bunch of wine glasses. One mark of distinction for many a wine connoisseur is the time and money they invest in the storage of their wine and accessories. Any wine aficionado worth his or her salt always has more than enough wine glasses on-hand at all times and a classy method of storing them.

Hanging wine glass racks are great investments for any wine lover that wants to keep their wine glasses accessible, yet out of the way. Best of all, hanging wine glass racks are found in almost any budget range, from $40 racks to high-end $600 bar racks. Hanging wine glass racks can be mounted anywhere; in the cellar, bar or kitchen.

Hanging wine glass racks are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. The most classic hanging wine glass rack is made from brushed chrome and can be found in almost any tavern or bar on the planet. The traditional size for a hanging wine glass rack holds 18 or 36 standard wine glasses. Another traditional favorite is the black brushed chrome hanging wine glass rack. Both options offer a classic, clean-cut look for keeping wine glasses.

If you are looking for a personalized hanging wine glass rack, wooden racks offer a more European and customizable appearance. Wooden racks can be found in almost any color stain, with the most elegant racks having a solid dark cherry finish that matches any kitchen decor. Another popular favorite is the redwood-finished hanging wine glass rack.

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