Haier Wine Cellars: How Do They Measure Up?

If you collect wine, you will eventually need your own place to store it. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of it, let’s talk about the terms. If you’ve ever heard of a undercounter wine cellar, you may have been confused. How does a cellar fit under a counter? It doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? Well, it is actually a bit of a misnomer. You see, what you are really talking about with that term is a wine cooler. A wine cellar is a room in your basement (i.e., the cellar) where you keep wine. A cooler is an appliance usually about the size of a dishwasher that often goes under your countertop.

So it’s just a matter of semantics. That aside, you’ve figured out that you need more space to store your cherished wine collection. There simply is no way around it! Sure, you can try and strategically set your wine around your house, looking for the best areas with the right temperature, but there really is no substitute for a good wine cellar that lets you keep all your wine in one convenient place. A brand to check out that is one the rise these days are Haier wine cellars.

Haier wine cellars are made by a somewhat new company (they’ve only been around since 1999), so you know that there may be a few hiccups from time to time with a new company like this. Haier wine cellars makes both models designed to be slid under a countertop and models that are meant to be freestanding. One cool thing (no pun intended) about Haier wine cellars is the price. If you are familiar with wine coolers, you probably know that they can get a bit pricey. On average, however, Haier wine cellars tend to be pretty affordable when compared to other brands. Their 40-bottle cellar, for example, costs $350. While most wine cellars easily cost upwards of $1000, Haier has made their cellars a little more accessible. Being new to the wine cellar market, Haier has had problems with their cellars from time to time, but they all come with a 1-year warranty and that’s when these problems have developed, if they develop at all.

Overall, there are many wine cellar manufacturers in the market, some better (and more expensive) than Haier, some worse. Haier is a pretty middle-of-the-road brand of cellar that is good to get when you have no other easy options or if you can get one on sale. Haier wine cellars have their problems, but if you can get a really good deal on one that is too good to pass up you might as well pick it up. If you have been looking for a wine cellar and come across a Haier for a reasonable price, go ahead and give it a go.