Get Those Red Wine Stains Out: Expert Advice on Tackling Those Spots

Any hobby comes with risks and occasional accidents. For wine drinkers, the most common accident is spillage. Every now and then, whether it’s due to inebriation or just plain bad luck, even the most experienced wine drinker will knock over a glass of wine or swirl too aggressively. Unfortunately, wine is one of the hardest stains to remove, and usually, its red wine that’s been spilled. To get red wine stain out, there are a few instructions you can follow to make sure your favorite drink isn’t permanently stained on your floor or furniture.
As soon as you’ve spilled red wine on anything, blot the stain with paper towels to remove most of the moisture. Getting red wine stain out depends on how fast you act. If the item is dry clean only, simply blot out of the moisture and get it to the cleaners. Do not use any liquid on dry clean only items! This can permanently damage the fabric.
The best thing you can do for a sudden stain is to fight fire with fire. As soon as you absorb the majority of the moisture from the red wine spill, pour a small amount of white wine on the stain. This neutralizes the tannins and proteins within the red wine stain that can create permanent damage.
Next, use a small amount of soap (Tide or Dawn works) with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide mixed together on a rag or sponge. If the red stain is on clothing, place something behind the piece of cloth as you treat it, which prevents the stain from spreading further. With the prepared mixture, blot the stain until the red wine stain is out. Remember, always blot. Rubbing actually creates friction between the cleaning agent and the stain, which imprints the stain more into the fabric or carpet!
What if the red wine stain has been there for a while? Or what if the pre-treatment doesn’t work? There are some more alternative solutions to get red wine stain out.
An alternative treatment for getting red wine stain out from fabric or carpet is club soda and salt. When you’ve blotted the moisture from the stain, pour a small amount of club soda on the stain and sprinkle salt. Allow the salt to dry and then vacuum the spot. If the stain still isn’t coming out completely, use a small amount of detergent or dish-soap. By now, the stain should be completely lifted.
For extra tough stains, or stains that have set for a while, a product called Wine-Away is an excellent red wine remover that works on almost any stain. Wine-Away is especially good for carpets and large areas where soap and hydrogen peroxide is impractical. Best of all Wine-Away doesn’t harm fabrics or even hard surfaces like marble or porcelain.
Wine drinking comes with its risks, but with a few simple products, you can be rest assured that you can get any red wine stain out of your fabrics, carpets and furniture.

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