Frigidaire Wine Cooler: Want a Great Buy for Your Money?

If you are really “down with the wine,” so to speak, you’ve no doubt taken your obsession to the next level and gone above and beyond the average wine drinker. If you have a lot of wine bottles gathering dust around the house, waiting for the best time to be opened, you should look into a better way of storing them. As you may know, wine storage is as important as anything else in the entire wine experience. If you store your wine improperly, it won’t age properly and won’t taste right either. If you want to shield your wine from temperature spoilage, one great appliance to pick up is a Frigidaire wine cooler.

Frigidaire wine coolers are awesome for the wine drinker that still has their collection under control and those that have really let themselves go. You can also get them in several colors, so you can more easily match them to your dining room and kitchen decor.

Frigidaire wine coolers come in different sizes; the larger ones sit on the floor and the smaller ones sit on the countertop. The main three varieties are the eight bottle cooler, the thirty-two bottle cooler, and the fifty bottle cooler. Frigidaire has made a point to appeal to wine lovers of all levels and all three main selections are ideal for long-term storage.

Another cool thing about Frigidaire wine coolers is that the prices are very reasonable. The eight bottle cooler, for example, runs about $100. The thirty-four bottle cooler and fifty bottle cooler cost $230 and $350, respectively. While there is some variation within the price ranges provided here, depending on what sort of display you want, etc., but it is fairly small. If you want to save some money, you can ditch all the extras, but if you can swing the extra $15-$20 for the goodies you might as well go for it. An LED display, for example, is an extra that is really good to have for an exact temperature reading. Frigidaire’s wine coolers are made with the average wine drinker in mind and can usually be found at places like Lowe’s and Best Buy. If all else fails, you can even check eBay!

At the end of the day, if you really want your wine collection to keep for as long as possible, you should definitely look into purchasing up a Frigidaire wine cooler right away. Whether you have 10, 30, or 50 bottles sitting around your house, Frigidaire makes the perfect coolers for you. Regardless, these coolers are much better than the alternative, which is spoiled wine. Those who are going through a bottle of wine a day probably won’t care, but for most folks, their bottles are usually being kept in bad temperatures for way too long. A Frigidaire wine cooler will make sure that your precious wine collection is properly shileded from temperature extremes so you can enjoy it at just the right time. Don’t let your all the money you’ve invested into your beloved wine go to waste; go out and get a wine cooler right away so you know your wine is stored at the right temperature!