French Wine Glasses: Great for the Hobbyist

If you’ve been looking for wine glasses, you have probably noticed the many options you have to choose from. Whether it’s something off-the-cuff or or serious in tone, there is a glass out there for any need. While a lot of people are satisifed with whatever is at hand, many want something in particular. One type of glass that is popular are French wine glasses.

French wine glasses are great because they have an inherent connection to wine that is undeniable. France has a long connection with wine and winmaking and it only makes sense that they really know their wine glasses. When you buy one of these glasses you know that you’re getting a quality glass that is classy and sturdy.

Makers of French wine glasses takes great pride in their wine glasses, particularly the La Rochere collection. These glasses look a bit different than the typical stemmed wine glass that everybody is familiar with. These glasses are made of thicker glass and look more like a goblet of old. This is a great type of glass to have around the house if you want to impress your friends with your diverse interests and knowledge, plus they just look great!

So how much do French wine glasses cost? Generally, a set of six of these glasses will coast you $50-$70. You can be thrifty and do some shopping around, but $50 is the least you’ll probably pay at somewhere like Target. Of course, if you need a lot more glasses than that (for catering, restaurants and the like) you may be able to get bigger discounts through a wholesaler or distributor. Whatever amount you require, don’t let your jaw hit the floor while looking at the price. Truth be told, most wine glasses sell for a whole lot more than that! If you want something elegant to drink your wine out of, this price shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Heck, you probably pay this amount for a good bottle of wine (or two) that will be gone in no time! Besides, cheap wine glasses stick out like a sore thumb and just plain do not last.

All in all, French wine glasses are a great bit of glassware to have for any true wine hobbyist. If you are really into wine and enjoy having the best of everything to do with it, you will (if you haven’t already) amass quite the collection of stuff like this, so don’t feel bad about spending the money on more wine glasses. The right kind of wine glass keeps your beloved wine at just the right temperature – there’s nothing quite like it. French wine glasses have a rich tradition of style and quality going back centuries, so you know you are getting glasses of quality and integrity. A set of French wine glasses could easily make a great present for yourself or a loved one that loves wine!

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