Franklin Chef Wine Cooler: A Mid-Priced Option for the More Serious Collector

If you collect a lot of wine, you will eventually need your own wine cooler. There simply is no way around this matter! Sure, you can attempt to strategically set your collection of wine around the house, looking for the best areas with the best temperature, but a there simply is no substitute for a wine cooler that lets you keep all your different kinds of wine in one convenient place. A brand to check out that is one the rize is the Franklin Chef wine cooler.

Franklin Chef wine coolers, also sold under the “Everstar” name, are all dual-zoned, meaning that they allow you to store your reds and whites in different zones, keeping them both at the appropriate (and different) temperatures. As any serious wine lover knows, reds to be kept at room temperature (give or take a few degrees), while whites need to be kept a little cooler. Rather than putting your whites in your fridge, and leaving your red wines to the whimsy of weather or a thermostat you can put all your wines in one easy-to-reach place.

Franklin Chef wine coolers are designed to be slid under a countertop or left freestanding. This is a great option to have, and you don’t have to shop for a certain kind of model. One piece of information that you need to be ready for when checking out the Franklin Chef wine cooler is the price. If you are familiar with wine coolers, you probably know that they can get a bit pricey. On average, however, Everstar coolers tend to be a bit costly for the storage they provide. Their 32-bottle cooler, for example, costs $500. While most wine coolers easily cost upwards of $1000, they either offer more storage or more reliability. Being new to the wine cooler market, Franklin has had problems with Franklin Chef wine coolers getting hot because of poor air circulation in the back and leakage.

Overall, there are many wine cooler manufacturers in the market, some better than Franklin Chef, some worse. Franklin Chef is a pretty middle-of-the-road type of cooler that is good to get when you have no other quick options or if you can get one on sale. Franklin Chef wine coolers have their problems, but if you can get a really good deal on one that is too good to pass up you might as well pick it up. If you have been looking for a wine cooler and come across an Franklin Chef cooler for a reasonable price, go ahead and give it a try and see how it works out for you.