First Steps in Wine Making: Try Your Hand at Wine Making Today

The first steps in wine making are usually the most difficult, but don’t let that stop you! Making your own wine can be quite rewarding and there are plenty of guides and kits out there to guide you. Wine kits, by far, are the simplest, most productive way to make your own wine so that’s where you should start. These kits provide you with most if not all of the gear you will need and have step-by-step instructions as well.

The first kit you can look at when you’re taking your first steps in wine making comes packaged with grape concentrate, plus all the chemicals you will need. Kits like these work better for folks who have made wine before, as they don’t have fermentation tools, i.e. barrels, corkers, buckets, corks, vats or bottles. Since these kits don’t provide you with bottles, corks, or corkers, much of the wine’s quality will hinge on your skill at bottling and aging. Fermentation must also be firmly understood if you use this type of kit. Vintner’s Reserve Wine Kit is a great example of this type of kit, for the simple fact that it includes many grape concentrate varieties so you’ll have plenty to choose from, plus enough yeast and sanitizer to make 6 gallons of wine.

The second kit that you can look at when you’re taking your first steps in wine making is one that includes all the gear you will need in order to ferment and bottle wine. Kits like these will also generally have necessary chemicals and grape concentrate as well, providing a good place to start. Vintner’s Wine Making Kit with Ingredients, for example, has a fermenting vat, siphon, sanitizing chemicals, and hydrometer.

The final kit that you can look at when you’re taking your first steps in wine making is the SunCal Necessities Kit. This kit has all that you will need, minus a corker. Another issue is the fact that the SunCal kit comes with mushroom corks, which really are only good in the short-term. If you use this kit, make sure you buy some straight corks to use instead of the provided mushroom corks. This kit, however, is still great overall for the first-time wine maker.

If for some reason you don’t have space at home to make wine, a lot of wine shops nowadays will let you make your wine in their shop. Wine shops that actually offer this type of service will usually advertise that they do, so don’t simply walk into a random wine shop and ask – unless you don’t mind the strange looks! This service basically consists of you selecting a wine and the vintners make it for you in the shop for a fee. A few months later, you get your very own case of wine!

Most of your options when it comes to taking the first step in wine making will cost you roughly $80-$200, which is a small price to pay as there really is nothing like making wine right in your own home!

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