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There are many different kinds of wine.  You have white wine and red wine and in these two categories you have many many variations – there are Zinfandel wines, Bourbon, Chardonnay, Port, Sherry, and many other types of wine.  Some wines are sweet and fruity and are great as dessert wines.  Others are semi-dry and are great for those who do not like sweet wines.

For those looking for a Kosher wine, there are a number that are suitable for any occasion.  You can get both semi-dry and dessert wines that are Kosher for a reasonable price.  Baron Herzog makes a number of different kinds that cost between $10 – $15; Bartenura Moscato is another brand name that makes affordable kosher wines.  If you have the budget for it, Yarden and Barkan both make some high end wines that cost in the range of $50 – $65.

For most people, a nice bottle of wine to enjoy with family or friends is all that they are looking for.  You can easily find a bottle of good wine for under $10 at your nearest supermarket or grocery store, irregardless of whether it is dry, semi-dry, fruity or sweet.  If you want a higher end brand name or vintage wine, then you would need to be willing to pay a bit more.  Baron Le Roy and Luce wines cost well over $50 per bottle.  Wines can also have varying amounts of alcohol; if this is important to you then check the bottle before buying it.  The percentage of alcohol content should always be listed clearly on the outside of the bottle.

Wine baskets can make a great gift for a friend, relative or business colleague.  The cost varies depending on the size of the basket and what it contains; some simply have a few small bottles of wines, others have one or two medium sized bottles of red or white wine together with chocolates or other snacks.

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