Expensive White Wine: Is it Worth the Price?

A lot of red wine lovers will turn up their noses at the thought of drinking white wine, but don’t be put off – there is some great, expensive white wine out there that is worthy of everyone’s palate! While it is true that reds tend to be more high-end and the natural progression of any budding oenophile is to start with whites and work your way up to reds, there is nothing inherently wrong with enjoying white wine throughout your wine love affair.
As with anything, in the wine world you get what you pay for. While it is true that there are a few inexpensive gems out there; in general an $8 bottle of white wine will taste nowhere near as good as an expensive white wine. Expensive white wine, like expensive red wine, is not mass-produced like the bottles you’ll likely find at your local liquor store. Expensive white wine has been pored over meticulously by the winemaker and it truly is a labor of love for these artistes. To find a really good wine (white or red), you really have to hunt around. If you live in or visit an area that is known for wine, stop in a few wineries and have a tasting. If you’ve never experienced wine like this, it is absolutely a must. The $8 or $10 bottle you’re probably familiar with simply cannot compare.
If you do go to a tasting, you’ll find that many wineries offer a red wine tasting list and a white wine tasting list. Many don’t even offer this choice (letting you sample both their reds and whites), but if they do, you should always take the time to sample both varieties – especially if you are new to the wine game. If you politely ask, many of the sommeliers at wineries will allow you to sample wines not on the tasting list, especially if they already have a bottle open, they know you, or you look like you’re actually interested in spending some money at their winery.
Expensive white wine is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, one of the most expensive bottles of wine ever sold was a white wine, a 1787 Chateau d’Yquem. This collector’s item sold for a whopping $56,588! Granted these old wines that are sold (usually at auction) are bought purely for collection, not enjoyment. Most wines don’t keep for more than 50 years, and 200 years is simply way beyond what any wine could keep for. Despite this fact, it’s still pretty impressive that a “mere” white wine could ever fetch this sort of price.
Whatever you do, don’t look down your nose at white wine! White wine can often fit into certain meals and dishes which reds simply will not. Even enjoyed by itself, white wine can be a treat – especially if you take the time to find some of the more expensive varieties that have been created by smaller wineries. These wineries take just as much pride in their whites as they do their reds, so take the time to try them!

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