Enjoying the Wine Clubs of America: Explore Your Choices

Are you a huge wine hobbyist? Do your friends and family give you wine and wine accessories for the holidays and your birthday? If so, you might be interested in a phenomenon that has become bigger and bigger over the past few decades: wine clubs. Wine clubs in America offer the most diverse collections of wines- from reds to whites- that can be delivered right to your door in the amount you want.

Wine clubs of America rival some of the most prestigious wine clubs of Europe. Depending on where you live or travel determines the number of wine clubs you’ll likely become interested in as a hobbyist. There’s nothing like walking into a winery and seeing the process of wine creation from the beginning. Wine clubs in America offer a friendly and laid back atmosphere where prospective members can mingle with other wine lovers and meet the local makers and sommeliers.

If you’re interested in joining a larger wine club in America, be aware- some of them have waiting lists for many months. If you need to purchase wine for a special occasion or want to stock up on exclusive member wines, make sure you apply for your wine club early. Many very popular wine clubs are so well known and loved that thousands of members will want to join and over-saturate their ability to serve everyone. Most wineries with a waiting list are well worth the wait!

Many wine clubs in America offer different levels of the amount of wine you want delivered. The standard is two to four bottles every other month. Larger wineries can offer deliveries up to six to twelve bottles a month. Depending on the vineyard, most of the time the winemaker will choose your reds and whites. To remain competitive many vineyards offer reds only or whites only to specialized pallets.

If you’re not sure which region of America to get your wine from, it’s easy to consider where certain wines in America are grown. The west coast (especially California) offers the most diverse collection of wines- from light Zinfandels to strong Syrahs and thick Ports. Many wines from the West coast are the highest qualities found in America, with some vineyards dating back to the early 1700s.

The East coast of America offers less variety of wines due to the longer winters, but offers a rare variety never seen on the West: ice wine. Very expensive, ice wine is worth the price for a dinner party and dessert. Wine clubs on the East Coast of America offer a sweeter variety of wine, but this suits many new wine drinkers and satisfies more experienced hobbyists as a treat. On the East coast, you can find some of the best Ports America has to offer to the wine hobby.

Wine clubs of America are found in any state and ensure your wine cabinet never goes dry. With different levels of membership and choices, you have nothing to lose by trying a wine club.