The Emerson Wine Cooler: For the Modest Collector

If you are really into your wine, you’ve probably taken to the next level and surpassed the average wine dabbler. By this point, you have quite a few wine bottles lying around the house gathering dust and waiting for the most opportune time to be opened. As you probably already know, wine storage is an absolutely vital part of the whole wine experience. Wine stored improperly won’t age right and just won’t taste like it’s supposed to. If you want to protect your wine from temperature extremes, one great tool to pick up is an Emerson wine cooler.

Emerson wine coolers are great for the wine collector that has yet to let their collection get entirely out of control, since they only accommodate small amounts of bottles. Another benefit is that you can get them in a wide variety of schemes and colors, so you can match them to your kitchen or dining room’s decor.

Emerson wine coolers, because they are made for small amounts of bottles, are meant to be placed on the countertop. There are three varieties: the single bottle cooler, the eight bottle cooler, and the twelve bottle cooler. The single bottle is one you’ll just want to break out when actually serving the wine, but the other two are perfect for long-term storage.

Another great thing about Emerson wine coolers is that you’re not going to be in for massive sticker-shock when shopping for them. The single bottle cooler, for example, costs less than $30. The eight bottle cooler and twelve bottle cooler cost $70 and $90, respectively. There is a little variation within these price ranges, depending on if you want LED displays and the like on your cooler, but it is fairly inconsequential. If you really want to save a little money, you can easily avoid the little bells and whistles, but if you can afford the extra $10-$20 you might as well spring for the digital LED display and the accuracy it brings. After all, you want the temperature to be exact when storing your wine! These wine coolers are really made with the thrifty wine shopper in mind and can usually be found at Target department stores or on their website. They can even be found at other websites, such as Amazon, of all places!

All in all, if you are really serious about keeping a small collection of wine in your home, you should look into picking up an Emerson wine cooler soon. If you only have 12 or less bottles sitting around the house, these are the perfect coolers for you – and definitely preferable to the alternative: spoiled wine. Unless you are really drinking a lot of wine every day, your bottles will probably be kept in inappropriate temperatures for far too long. An Emerson wine cooler insures that your wine will be properly protected, allowing you to enjoy it at the opportune time. Don’t let your investment go to waste; get the proper wine cooler to store your wine at the proper temperature!