Edgestar Wine Coolers: Top of the Line Equipment for the Avid Collector

There’s a time in every dedicated wine enthusiast’s life when they realize they need more space to store their wine. Any serious collector or vintner knows that wine storage is a key component to great tasting wine. And for collectors aging their wines, proper storage includes protection from the extremes. Excellent wines deserve only the best care when storing and aging for proper enjoyment. Edgestar Wine Coolers offer a level of protection unseen in conventional wine coolers on the market.
The EdgeStar Wine Cooler is a perfect addition to any wine connoisseur’s collection of wine storage tools. Edgestar Wine Cooler operates differently than most other coolers. Each model operates with thermoelectric power, which provides vibration-free care for your wines at the perfect temperature and humidity. Instead of a loud vibrating compressor, the Edgestar Wine Cooler series provides quiet operations and disturbance-free wine storage. This is especially important for fragile white wines, which will taste better and last longer with an Edgestar Wine Cooler.
Each Edgestar Wine Cooler offer very attractive storage space. Each Edgestar Wine Cooler holds your wine bottles with chrome racks and double-paned glass to give your guests a preview of your wine collection. Cool silver-brushed plating surrounds each model, matching any color scheme in your kitchen. The only lighting inside the wine cooler is cool blue LED lighting, which is harmless to even the most delicate whites. Other wine coolers use traditional lighting schemes, which create heat and harmful photonic waves that can penetrate traditional green and dark bottles when you open the door. Edgestar wine coolers don’t have this problem.
Starting with the Edgestar Wine Cooler Model TWR325ESS and TWR181ES, you can even store two different varietals in the same cooler with two temperature zones. This is perfect for the seasoned collector who’s managed to accumulate different wines for many different occasions.
Edgestar Wine Coolers aren’t just good for your wine; they’re also good for the environment. These coolers emit no CFCs and offer regulated heating/cooling that prevents excessive energy usage. Edgestar Wine Coolers come with an internal forced air system which eliminates heat from building up in “hot spots” within the cooler. These hot spots can harm wine and cause your cooler to run excessively to account for the internal heat. Edgestar’s system prevents this from happening. Other wine coolers can’t boast of such efficient operation that saves you money in the long run, and helps planet Earth.
Adding even more attractive features, the Edgestar Wine Cooler models are all free-standing or can be used as an under-the-counter cooler. Each Edgestar Wine Cooler is built so that they’re attractive all around with a modern chrome finish, adding a European style to your kitchen no matter where you store your cooler. Edgestar Wine Coolers are also forgiving on your budget, with some of the coolers starting around $140! Just think, you can have an attractive free-standing dual-temperature zone wine cooler for less than $500. It’s a sure bet to get your guests talking about the wine hobby and your own collection!