Duplin Wine Cellars: A North Carolina Gem

When you think of wine regions in the United States, you probably don’t think of North Carolina. Undoubtedly you probably think of California; Napa Valley in particular. There is no reason, however, why you should limit yourself so severely! There are plenty of other wine-producing regions here and there throughout the United States-all you have to do is look. Duplin Wine Cellars in North Carolina, for example, is a nice little gem of a winery that can easily be overlooked, at your loss!

Duplin Wine Cellars was founded in 1976 and continues to win awards for its Muscadine wines. It continues to hold fast to its commitment to family, strong Southern roots, and religious beliefs. This must-see winery is located in Rose Hill, North Carolina and invites you to visit its Winemaking Museum and discover the history, successes, and lessons of the largest and oldest winery in the South.