Double Walled Wine Glasses: The Benefits of These Handsome Glasses

Double walled wine glasses are wine glasses that are essentially two glasses in one. They are a sort of “glass within a glass” that allows you to preserve the temperature of the beverage within and also adds a little durability to the normally very delicate wine glass.
So what’s so great about double walled wine glasses? First, there’s the ability they have to insulate your wine. Every experience wine connoisseur knows that you should hold your wine glass by the stem so that the heat from your hand doesn’t change the temperature of the wine. In fact, this is partially why wine glasses even have a stem in the first place! Double walled wine glasses, by and large, have no stem because they don’t need one. The two layers of glass keep your hand far enough away from your wine that it won’t affect the temperature.
The second thing that’s great about double walled wine glasses is that they are much more durable than your standard wine glass. Standard wine glasses are made from very thin, delicate glass suitable for the act of drinking wine and the atmosphere that goes with it. If you’ve ever had to hand wash a wine glass, however, you know how dangerous this can be. Wine glasses will very easily crack or break if they happen to clack up against each other or anything denser than glass. A porcelain kitchen sink, for example, is a death sentence for a wine glass left in it. If the wine glass should get knocked over or just fall over, kiss it goodbye. Double walled wine glasses, on the other hand, are pretty much just like your standard glass you would use for milk or soda. They are quite a bit tougher and resilient.
Another cool thing about double walled wine glasses is their appearance. Because there is space between the two walls of glass, when you put wine in the glass it kind of looks like the wine is simply floating within the glass, rather than being contained within it. The wine appears to not push up against the inside glass; it appears to just float in space. This is just a minor detail, but it can be striking and serve as a great conversation piece, especially if your guests are wine aficionados and are curious about drinking wine from glasses without stems.
At the end of the day, double walled wine glasses make a great addition to any wine connoisseurs collection of standard wine glasses, corkscrews, decanters, and other accoutrements. If you are a completist, you probably already own a set. If not, give them a try and see what you think. They’re great to use if you feel like your standard wine glasses may be in danger of breaking due to irresponsible guests and the like. If you are having a large party, for instance, you’ll likely lose fewer glasses due to breakage in the chaos of a large group of people. Double walled wine glasses are also harder to spill-in any occasion-so that’s another definite plus!

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