Cuisinart Wine Cellars: The Favorite Choice in Wine Coolers

The term “Cuisinart Wine Cellar” really is a misnomer, which you probably already know if you’ve ever looked around for wine cellars and the Cuisinart brand name together. The reality of it is that Cuisinart doesn’t really make wine cellars per se, they actually make wine coolers. It may seem like splitting hairs, but there really is a difference between the two.

To clarify things, a wine cellar is a room, normally in the basement, designed to keep wine at its optimal temperature. They are kind of like a library for wine: temperature controlled and quite beautiful in their design. A wine cooler, on the other end of the spectrum, performs the same function but is quite a bit smaller. Wine coolers are about the size of a dishwasher and can contain but a mere fraction of the number of bottles a wine cellar can contain. With that in mind, we will here go over what is commonly known as the Cuisinart wine cellar.

Real wine connoisseurs know that you have to store your wine at the right temperature. Strategically placing your wine in various places around your house to find the right temperature simply isn’t the best way to handle it. A Cuisinart wine cellar, on the other hand, will keep your wine at just the right temperature for optimal enjoyment at your leisure. Some even have different zones for different varietals! As you may know, reds, whites, and roses require different temperature settings, so if you enjoy all three this type of Cuisinart wine cellar is best.

Your Cuisinart wine cellar, depending on its size, can be either placed on your countertop or freestanding. Basically, the smaller coolers, which typically hold 8-15 bottles, will be of the countertop variety. The larger coolers, which hold 32 bottles or more, will be freestanding. A countertop model is great if you have plenty of room on your counter (and don’t need to store a lot of wine), while a freestanding cooler is best if you lack room on your countertop and need to store a lot of wine.

Another great thing about a Cuisinart Wine Cellar is that it doesn’t carry the hefty price tag of other brands. Cuisinart has a long history of providing great appliances at affordable prices, and their wine cellars are no exception. Whereas other32-bottle coolers will go for over $1000, a similar Cuisinart cooler will sell for under $400! In this economy, every little bit counts-even for wine lovers, who are notorious for their love of the finer things!

Basically, there are a lot of manufacturers of wine coolers and cellars, but Cuisinart is a great company that has been in the appliance business for years and shows no sign of slowing down. When you buy a Cuisinart Wine Cellar, you have the company’s history backing up the appliance and you know that you are getting a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. If you are in the market for a wine cooler or cellar, give Cuisinart a try and see the quality and affordability for yourself.

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