Cobalt Blue Wine Glasses: When You Want to Make an Impression

If you’ve ever been out shopping for wine glasses, you may have been bowled over by all the choices available to you. Classy or whimsical? Clear or tinted? Glass or plastic? Stemmed or stemless? While a lot of people will just break down and pick whatever is cheapest, one good, timelss choice would be some cobalt blue wine glasses.

Cobalt blue wine glasses are of the traditional stemmed type of wine glass you are used to seeing and and hold 9 ounces of wine. Instead of the common clear crystal you see on most wine glasses, however, cobalt blue glasses are tinged blue. Usually it is either just the stem or the bowl that is tinged blue, not both, which makes for a striking contrast. This conspicuos coloration makes a great subject for folks to talk about at parties while they are enjoying a glass of fine wine.

The only possible downside to cobalt blue wine glasses would be for those die-hard wine connoisseurs that enjoy examining the appearance of the wine they are drinking. If you’ve ever sat and watched serious wine enthusiasts, you have probably seen them tilting their glasses to the side so they can check out the clarity of the wine. This is a common practice that many wine drinkers go through, even if it is a wine they’ve drank a thousand times; it’s part of the experience. A cobalt blue wine glass, of course, makes this task nearly impossible because the color dilutes the color of the wine when looking at it from the outside. Of course, if it is just the stem of the glass that is tinted blue you are off the hook!

If you are wondering how much you will pay for cobalt blue wine glasses, wait no further. Usually, you are going to pay about $9-$14 per glass from a brand such as Libbey. If you want something more high-end, you can get something from Baccarat at Neiman Marcus for over $200 per glass. Whichever version better suits your budget, don’t dismiss the cost out of hand, however. Great-looking wine glasses that also double as conversation pieces don’t come cheap! It’s worth it if you can afford it!

All in all, cobalt blue wine glasses are perfect for wine enthusiasts of any stripe. If wine is amajor hobby for you, you no doubt have a huge assortment of wine accessories to go with your favorite beverage. Cobalt blue glasses are but another interesting piece to add to your collection. These glasses are great to just have on-hand for when you have people over to have some great wine and great conversation.

Whatever the occasion, cobalt blue wine glasses make a statement that is loud and clear. These glasses are classy and striking, while still retaining a look of quality. TAfter all, you don’t want to serve an expensive wine in a sub-par wine glass! If the best wine is amust for you, you simply must have the best glasses to accompany it! Cobalt blue wine glasses provide the perfect accent to wine and let everyone know that you are all about the wine. Serious wine connoisseurs are always ready and willing to talk about their love affair with wine and introduce new folks to the hobby. Cobalt blue glasses are a wonderful way to get someone on the precipice of full-on wine enthusiasm to fully embrace it with gusto!

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