Cholesterol: Red Wine Facts You Ought to Know

No one can deny that America has a weight problem. Our culture has developed to function at breakneck speed and our diet has suffered, becoming high in fat, sugar, and salt. As a result, our bodies have physically expanded and obesity is running rampant. Many of us wine lovers, overweight or just right, have taken heed and begun wondering about the cholesterol in red wine. The health benefits of red wine are many and varied, as it turns out; a glass of red wine has no cholsesterol. In fact, it helps reduce your cholesterol!

The “French Paradox,” once again, is where it’s at. This paradox is what explains how the French, in spite of their love of cheese and other fatty foods, experience a very low rate of heart problems because of their moderate daily intake of wine.

Many Studies have repeatedly shown that a moderate, everyday intake of wine is good for you. An invaluable antioxidant, resveratrol, is at the center of all this fuss. Resveratrol – a wonder drug if ever there was one – helps kill off cancerous cells and also helps prevent strokes in addition to reducing the effects of aging. Antioxidants such as resveratrol form your cells’ building blocks, especially those in your immune system. The connection between cholesterol and red wine is best seen when you look at how it promotes healthier blood vessels for the elderly and also reduces ulcer-causing bacteria and the chance of coronary heart disease. If that’s not enough, consider this: for women, wine decreases stroke risk, builds stronger bones and decreases the chances of ovarian cancer. For men, wine lowers the chance of heart attack for men suffering under the yoke of high blood pressure.

Winemaking, a very organic and pure process, simply makes for a pure and organic beverage. Wine naturally (with no other preservatives) usually stays fresh for about one-and-half years. The grapes used to make wine have enough sulfites in them to keep them from rotting on the vine.

Moderation is what it’s all about here, folks. You can’t go out and drink a bottle of wine a day; you can have too much of a good thing (and wine is a good thing!). Binge drinking wine – or any alcohol – is just bad for you.

We all know that too much alcohol is a bad idea, no matter who you are, but hopefully you now have been enlightened about wine’s beneficial effects when consumed in moderation. One to three glasses of wine a day will not hurt. In fact, this is the optimal intake! Wine should never get lumped in with other alcohol as something used just to get drunk; wine is a privilege to be enjoyed and exulted in. It’s a lifestyle that can also help keep you healthy!

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