Charm/Glass of Wine: Great as a Gift to the Wine Enthusiast

A wine charm can mean any number of things, but to most it is either a small charm like you would put on a charm bracelet (shaped like a glass of wine, but of course), a small ring with a plastic bauble on it that you put around the stem of your wine glass, or a fancy tassel that you can put around a bottle of wine to liven up its appearance a bit. No matter what sort you’re talking about, making your own wine charms is fun and easy! If you want detailed instructions or more ideas, do a quick search on your favorite search engine for “wine glass charm,” “charm glass wine,” or something like that and you’ll find a metric ton of information.

First up is the wine charm that goes on your charm bracelet. What’s the point of this? It’s quite simple – it says something about you. Charm bracelets are all about collecting mementos of your past and personality and collecting them in one easy place to find and admire. This little charm that looks like a glass of wine lets everybody know that you are a wine hobbyist. These charms can be made or bought, but in general the whole “making” bit comes from you making your own unique charm bracelet, though you can also make the actual charms with stuff bought at a craft store if you are able.

Another good example of a wine charm is one of those little plastic rings you put around the stem of a glass of red wine. These are great for simply accentuating things and mixing it up a bit. The best part? You can make them all by yourself! If you can find them to buy and/or just aren’t that crafty, that’s great, but you can definitely find all the parts you need to make them at most craft shops. Making these wine charms is easy – all you need are some colored beads and metal hoops that can be closed using pliers. Just make sure the beads are the appropriate size to fit over the wire of the hoops. Just put whatever color of bead you want on the hoop, take your needle nose pliers and bend the metal a bit so it will close and you’re done! Open the hoop so that you can put it on the stem of your wine glass, close it again and you have your wine charm ready to go!

The last version of a wine charm is a simple tassel that you can put on a bottle of wine to spruce it up a bit. Many folks, not satisfied with just showing off their wine collection, have taken to decorating their bottles with fancy holders, racks, or other accessories. This kind of wine charm is simply a fancy cloth tassel with a hoop on the end that you can loop over the neck of your bottle. A great thing about this wine charm is that it can easily double as a curtain tie-back, a napkin ring, or a decoration for drawer or door handles or candle tapers. Once again, making this kind of wine charm isn’t as hard as you may think if you are handy with a sewing machine and fabric.

The deeper you get into the wine hobby, the more crazy accessories and other stuff you will find, both decorative and useful. If you’re really into wine, you’re going to want to snatch some of these up right away!

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