Brass Wine Racks: Perfect Gifts that are Customizable

If you’re in the market to buy some new wine hardware or are looking for a great gift for the wine lover in your life, a brass wine rack is a creative beauty in the wine hobby. In the days before brass was widely manufactured and distributed, racks for storing wine were very expensive and distinct. Few bars and pubs could afford metal racks and most opted for wood slats that would allow a vintner to slide their bottles into the wall for storage. Most shops didn’t carry metal racks and they needed to be custom-made.

Today, with modern distribution, storing wine is easier and more stylish than ever. Brass offers a very sturdy rust-free finish that will last for years. Also, brass is strong and reliable for heavy weights. You can place many bottles on your brass wine rack and not have to worry about accidental breakage. No one wants to lose their favorite bottles of wine to a broken rack! With the right construction and modeling, a brass wine rack is safe and attractive for any kitchen to store those extra bottles correctly.

Brass also offers a flexible metal that can be molded to fit an artists’ conception. Since it’s such a flexible metal, many of the brass wine racks you find are very unique and modern. Most distributors of brass wine racks offer each rack as a slightly different variety of the next, making shopping for one even more fun. When looking at brass wine racks, you’ll find some very traditional designs that look like a rounded cage. You’ll find some that are curvaceous and very eclectic. With brass wine racks there’s something for everyone out there.

Brass wine racks are also easily personalized and customizable. You can interweave fabric into your brass wine rack to match a color scheme. Or you can add clips or other metal-ware, if there’s some not already on the rack. Many brass wine racks come with attractive two-toned gold accents. Most brass racks can be coated with different metallic finishes too. There’s something very distinctive about a brass wine rack with an “aged” coating! A great gift idea is a wine rack with brass metal initials of your gift recipient. This also makes a great wedding gift!

Brass wine racks come in all shapes and sizes. For an apartment, the most popular rack is the three-tiered brass rack that allows a wine hobbyist to store a few bottles. This brass rack is great for countertops and dining room tables. Larger and sturdier racks are a bit more expensive but offer storage options for up to ten wine bottles. These can fit into larger apartments and classic homes.

Shopping and selecting a brass wine rack is part of the fun being a wine hobbyist. Like most wines, minor details vary with each brass rack but offer a selective beauty that’s truly exclusive. Brass wine racks are the perfect low to mid-price gift for the wine lover in your circle of friends and family, or for yourself!