Benefits to Red Wine Drinking: A Summary

Sometime in the 90s, the “French Paradox” was discovered. This term essentially centered around the phenomenon of French folks, who despite eating a lot of cheese and similarly fatty foods, had a very low instance of heart disease. How was this possible? The secret was in the red wine just about every French person drinks every day. It may seem hard to fathom, but there actually are benefits to drinking red wine!

For most people, we think of liver disease and alcoholism when we consider drinking alcohol on a daily basis. But drinking a bit of wine with your meals is not the same as binge drinking beer or hard liquor. On the contrary, there are many benefits to drinking red wine.

Countless studies have found that consuming a little red wine every day is good for your health because of an antioxidant present in red wine called resveratrol. Resveratrol not only destroys cancer cells, but it also helps reduce the impact of age and helps prevent strokes. Antioxidants such as resveratrol are the building blocks of your body’s cells that make up your body, particularly your immune system’s cells.

Resveratrol helps even more with certain groups of people. Elderly people, for example, will have healthier blood vessels if they have a little red wine every day, along with a reduced risk of ulcers and coronary heart disease. Women who have a little red wine every day can expect stronger bones and a decreased risk of ovarian cancer and stroke. Men who have a little red wine every day often have their heart attack chances reduced by a significant margin if they are at risk because of high blood pressure. The benefits of red wine are astounding when you look at the facts laid out before you like that.

The benefits of red wine can only be accessed when you drink it in moderation. Just like everything else on earth, there is such a thing as too much. Bingeing on the holidays, weekends, or after work is just no good and may make you seriously ill, or even eventually prove fatal.

Finally, after thousands of years of humans drinking alcohol, we know that it’s not good to drink too much alcohol. On the flipside, however, not many know about the benefits of red wine when drank in moderation. For example, if you have 1-3 glasses of wine every day with your meals you are on the right track. Even business-minded entrepreneurs are getting in on the action, offering resveratrol supplements in radio and television commercials. Don’t scoff at this; it only further enhances the fact that it is good for you to have a bit of red wine every day! These supplements are great for folks that don’t like or simply can’t drink red wine yet still want to get the same affects of drinking it. If you decide to get a resveratrol supplement, make sure the brand you’re considering has plenty of resveratrol in each pill, so you’re getting all the resveratrol you need!

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