American Cellars Wine Club: Your Favorite Wines Delivered to Your Door

The American Cellars Wine Club is a service offered by that allows you to sign up to receive wines in the mail based upon your preferences. You can choose to have only red wines shipped to your home, only whites, or a mixture of both. The American Cellars Wine Club ships wine to you every other month, plus special quarterly shipments. This club really goes out of its way to find some of the most obscure wines out there and include them in their shipments, guaranteeing that you are not going to be getting the same stuff that you can find right down the street – and your money’s worth.

The American Cellars Wine Club also includes recipes, hints, information on the wines included, and wine touring tips with each shipment. Unlike some of the other wine clubs out there, the American Cellars Wine Club takes the time to make sure that you feel like you truly part of a club when they package your shipments. it isn’t clean and clinical, it’s anice, homey feel you get when you get one of their shipments in the mail.

Like other wine clubs, however, the American Cellars Wine Club has had its share of complaints. It seems that far too many people that sign up for wine clubs and the like do not realize what they are getting into. When you sign up for the American Cellars Wine Club, you will be receiving a lot of wine in the mail – and you will get charged for every last bit of it. If you get a wine that you don’t want, or simply decide that you don’t want to be in the club after being charged and recieving a shipment, you can send the shipment back, but you won’t be reimbursed for the shipping. This is just common business practice and people should get used to it. When you sign up for a club, whether it’s a wine club or whatever, you have to realize that you have thrown your name and information into an automated process that will be ongoing for as long as that clubis in business. As such, the American Cellars Wine Club will be charging your credit card every other month and once quarterly. A wine club isn’t the best thing to sign up for if you are living paycheck-to-paycheck, obviously.

By and large, however, the American Cellars Wine Club is a great way to discover a lot of wines that you might not otherwise stumble upon. They go out and find the littel wine gems out there so that you don’t have to. Unless you live in a wine making region, you may never discover some of the truly great wines out there that you will never find in a liquor or grocery store – unless you sign up for the American Cellars Wine Club!