Alice White Wine: An Affordable and Popular Australian Wine

If you’ve ever heard of Alice White Wine, you probably (as many others have) wondered what the heck it was all about. It’s certainly a strange name for a wine and this alone exudes a personality that is atypical, to say the least, in the world of wine. Personality really is a great word to descibe what Alice White Wine is all about.

Southeastern Australia is the home of Alice White Wine. Alice has been around as a vineyard for only 13 years, but has vines that date back to a lot longer than that. Their winemakers have fully embraced the tradition of wine from not only Australia, but all over the entire world. They have used these traditions to make wonderful, affordable wines that are popular all over the planet. They have a great Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Alice White Wine is one of those wines that is very easy to find and is great for an introductory wine. For many would-be wine lovers, the prices that usually go along with wine serve as a great dissuader. If you don’t want to shell out a lot of money but want to sample a great wine, Alice is the place to be. Their wines are usually under $10, but lack the “doctor’s office/rubbing alcohol” aroma of most affordable wines. It makes for a great table wine to have on hand for all occasions. Many wine lovers , for instance, will reserve their more expensive wines for special occasions or meals, but will have a more affordable wine on-hand for everyday drinking. Alice’s wines are the perfect type of wines for this sort of thing, as they have a wide variety of reds and whites that cover the spectrum and pretty much pair well with most dishes in one way or another.

Alice White Wine is a great, affordable wine from Australia. It’s a great wine to have on hand for parties, and may even make fans out of “snooty” red wine fans that may look down their nose at any wine that costs less than $50. A bottle of Alice White Wine can cost anywhere between $6-$10, depending on where you get it and what vintage it is. Regardless, it’s much cheaper than going out and spending hundreds of dollars on expensive wine for a large party. Alice White Wine is also a great wine for “breaking in” your friends that are afraid of husky red wines, as Alice’s wines tend to be sweet and gentle on the palate, letting everyone get in on the wine game. If you’re hosting a large party any time soon and want some wine to accompany the festivities, give Alice White Wine a try! Look around at all the different types of wine that they make and make a selection – you could even try one of each and have all of them open at a party so that they neophyte wine drinkers at your party can try each one and decide what they like best!

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