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If you are a die hard wine drinkr, you’ve probably collected a lot of wine through the years. Eventually, your wine collection has outgrown the space you have to hold it! Whether you have a wine rack or wine cooler, eventually every die hard wine collector wants a wine cellar. But how in the world do you get one? Should you just put a wine rack in your basement? Do you construct your own? If you have it in your budget, buildign your own wine cellar is definitely worth it. But what about the wine room cooler? What kind should you get? Hopefully we’ll help you on both counts here.

One way or another, every wine connoisseur comes to the point in their love affair with wine when they realize that all the wine bottles in their house need to be protected. At some point, you just can’t keep up with all those bottles! You don’t want to lose your wine to spoilage, so you have to store it properly. But what if you have both reds and whites? Real wine hobbyists know that reds and whites need to be stored at different temperatures and it is for this reason that the Avanti dual zone wine cooler was made.

In the 1990s, a phenomenon called the “French Paradox” was discovered in a study trying to figure out what it was that the French, who are world-renowned for their consumption of cheese and other fatty foods, are blessed with a very low rate of heart problems. It was discovered that this was made possible because of the fact that the French drink red wine on a daily basis. Since that study, the benefits of drinking red wine have become widely accepted by many in the health care community.

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Eventually, every beer and wine enthusiast realizes that they need more room to store their beer and wine collection. As you may already know, storage is key when you want your wine and beer to keep. In order to properly age your wine (beer, not so much), you have to protect it from temperature extremes; not too hot and not too cold. A beer and wine cooler is really the best way to go about this. That’s right – you can store beer in your fancy wine cooler as well!

If you love wine but are unable to have alcohol for medical reasons, you may have wondered if there is such a thing as alcohol free wine. The good news is that, yes, there is such a thing as alcohol free wine. The bad news is that, for the most part, most wine lovers will tell you that it isn’t worth a darn. There are a few manufacturers out there that are either making normal wine then removing the alcohol via a complicated process, or making wine that has never gotten to the fermentation process.

Finding advice for making wine online is pretty simple to do. The trouble comes, however, when you start looking through the ton of pages available and get lost in the pile of options. It is for this reason that you should do a search for “advice for making wine,” pick a result, and stick with it. One of the easiest methods is as follows.

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If you are really into wine, you’ve no dount taken to a whole new level and surpassed the average wine dabbler. By this point, you have quite a few wine bottles lying around the house waiting for the most opportune time to be opened. As you probably already know, wine storage is an absolutely integral part of the whole wine experience. Wine stored improperly won’t age right and just won’t taste like it’s supposed to taste. If you want to protect your wine from temperature extremes and still haven’t let it get entirely out of control, one great tool to pick up is an 8 bottle wine cooler.

Virtually everyone has heard of Yellow Tail wine or at the very least seen the little kangaroo on their labels and wondered what in the world it was all about. It’s certainly a strange name for a wine and the name alone brings an air of mystery that is not typical, to say the very least, in the world of wine. It’s ahrd to find just one word to descibe what Yellow Tail wine is all about. Affordable and prolific come to mind, however.

Like many other newbie wine drinkers, at one time or another you have probably stepped into a grocery store or liquor store and made straight for the red wines in the aisle. After all, stars are always drinking red wine in most TV programs and movies, so you have to jump on the bandwagon, right? That is not necessarily so! There is a lot of contention on the whole “red wine/white wine” issue amongst wine lovers and wine makers, so let’s explore the black and white of wine a bit.

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Sometime in the 90s, the “French Paradox” was discovered. This term essentially centered around the phenomenon of French folks, who despite eating a lot of cheese and similarly fatty foods, had a very low instance of heart disease. How was this possible? The secret was in the red wine just about every French person drinks every day. It may seem hard to fathom, but there actually are benefits to drinking red wine!

For most people, we think of liver disease and alcoholism when we consider drinking alcohol on a daily basis. But drinking a bit of wine with your meals is not the same as binge drinking beer or hard liquor. On the contrary, there are many benefits to drinking red wine.

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